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The ANAN theme gives you endless possibilities when it comes to creating your website. Perfect for photographers (and other artists), this theme comes packed with different ways to make your site your own. With ANAN, you can be sure that you’ll build something that will “wow” your clients.

This theme lets you choose from an unlimited amount of colors thanks to the built in color picker. With this you’ll be able to easily match a color to fit your style and brand. ANAN also supports a built in font manager which allows you to upload your own font. The possibilities are endless with this fantastic theme.

Care more about the actual art than fonts and colors? You should; and this theme completely understands that. ANAN makes sure your work is, without a doubt, the main attraction. With a photo gallery that supports a full screen slideshow, your potential clients will view your artwork front and center. Even the navigation bar will stay out of the way until you call upon it. Simply drag your cursor to the side of the screen and the bar will appear, drag it away and it will hide once again. This shy navigation bar understands that it’s not the lead in today’s show; your artwork is.

Other Features:

– Unlimited sidebar
– Four portfolio styles
– Eight custom widgets