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BIG Gallery


The BIG theme makes sure that your artwork is viewed the way it was meant to. This theme lets you choose how your photos will be displayed, allowing you to make sure they look as beautiful as they truly are. BIG makes sure that you don’t have to deal with any unwanted photo cuts when it comes to building your site. Choose between four different options when it comes to your full screen slide show display. You have the ability to fill the entire screen with the image, fill the screen full width, fill the screen full height, or adjust the image to prevent it from being cut in an unappealing fashion. This theme will do everything possible to convince you that bigger is most definitely better.

Once you’ve made sure that your photos are being displayed as they should, you can move on to this theme’s next best feature: auto-hide. After a few seconds of inactivity, the site’s logo, menu, and other elements will proceed to hide themselves. With those out of the way, viewers can pay attention to what’s most important: your artwork. The BIG theme displays your masterpieces the way that they deserve. Go BIG or go home.

Other Features:

– More than 600 Google Fonts
– Two different skins available
– Multi-level menu