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The Grill theme isn’t just for those who run barbeque joints! Perfect for restaurants, cafes, bistros and more, this theme has everything you need to gets a successful websites up and running regardless of what kind of food business you run.

Making reservations has never been easier for business or customer. Guests are able to book a table straight from your website thanks to the Grill theme. All they have to do is head over to the reservation form, enter the necessary information (date, time, party count, and phone number), and click submit. Once you’ve received the automated email and confirmed the reservation, everything is set and you can get back to work. Concerned that guests will forget the dates and times that they’ve booked and you’ll be left with empty tables? Fear not. The Grill themes offers the ability to send automated reminders to your customers so you won’t have to worry. The Grill theme also makes adding a beautiful menu to your website a breeze. Add photos, names, descriptions, and photos in no time. Afterall, a restaurant is only as strong as its menu.

Other Features:

– Drag & drop
– Custom front page composer
– Demo content included